The choice of the mattress requires the consideration of some elements and among the first of these elements is our health. Yes, because there is no complete rest unless there is a total absence of back pain and waking pain.

The right mattress must also do this: guarantee a healthy rest avoiding the danger of pain but, on the contrary, guaranteeing that these, if present, thanks to restful sleep can disappear. This is why the mattress becomes a sort of “cure”.

Therefore, those who suffer from back pain, or arthrosis, hernias or other diseases affecting the skeletal and muscular system must choose the right mattress even more than others. If you want to know can I trust an online mattress company then for sure you can go ahead but with some precautions.

Correlation between mattress and back pain:

But is there a direct relationship between mattress and back pain? Sure that yes, because the mattress plays a fundamental role for our back, considering the time we spend sleeping and the importance of correct posture even during sleep it is obvious that there is a concrete relationship between mattress and back pain.

We can even say that the wrong mattress makes our back pain worse or that, in some cases, it is the cause.

The right mattress, on the other hand, avoids the danger of sleep with erratic postures and promotes healing for those suffering from back pain.

In the right mattress, the vertebral column must maintain its physiological curves.

Experts state that a mattress can affect a person’s sleep, in fact, it is enough to think that when you are resting on any part of the body for a prolonged period, the weight reduces blood flow through the blood vessels and deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients. For this reason nerve cells and pain receptors in the skin send a message to the brain to command the change of position. The change restores blood flow to the area but also interrupts sleep.

According to this theory, a mattress able to reduce the pressure on some points of the body allows a better rest.

It is necessary to change the mattress, and possibly also the support structure, and opt for a model suited to our needs.

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