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Because of the warehouse direct nature of our business we only work by appointment.

Daniels Quality Cabinets started in 1999 in the warehouse furniture and mattress business. As a business owner you have to roll with the times and that is how Daniels Quality Cabinets was born. We are located in Mississauga. Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets sales is about 35% of our business. Toronto Kitchen Cabinets are about 35% of our customers as well. For the most part the balance of our customers are from the GTA. Call us at 647-931-1303 to set an appoitnment.
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Daniel St Cyr

Daniels Quality Cabinets

Daniels Quality Cabinets
5648 McAdam Rd

Mississauga, ON, L4Z 1T2


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Daniels Quality Cabinets

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Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets

Daniel's Quality Cabinets started in 1998 in the warehouse furniture industry. With thousands of satisfied customers transitioning to kitchen cabinets was easy. Visit our Kitchen Cabinets Outlet in Mississauga & give us 1 hour of your time and if we can't save you 40% or more on kitchen cabinets of the same quality, we'll pay you $100 cash. No restrictions apply... The bottom line is we won't waste your time! Daniels Quality Cabinets.

Because of the warehouse direct nature of our business we work 6 days a week by appointment . Call 647-931-1303

Daniels Quality Cabinets 5648 McAdam Road, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1T2, Canada +1 647-931-9771