As already mentioned, there are differences in the degrees of hardness not only between manufacturers. The materials used also influence the degree of hardness. Especially the feeling of lying has clear differences. Some materials are simply softer than others. Therefore, the hardness grade 2 should not be completely separated, but much more should be chosen in relation to the material.

Hardness 2 in cold foam mattresses

The factors determining the degree of hardness are the volume weight and compression hardness of cold foam mattresses. They affect the strength or softness of the mattress. The volume weight indicates the density of the material used for the mattress core. The compression hardness (English technical term: Compression Hardness) indicates which force is used to depress the cold foam by 40 percent. The lower the compressive strength, the stronger the lying surface under load. These variables are often used to create firmer or softer zones on cold foam mattresses through notches, inserts, and cutouts. Here is our useful information, must read how to stop sleeping on my stomach 


Hardness 2 in spring mattresses

The number of turns and the wire thickness of the respective springs influence the degree of hardness. The wire thickness of the spring core at the degree of hardness 2 is about 2.2 mm. For comparison: at hardness 1 about 2.0 mm. Inexpensive Bonell spring core mattress  with the degree of hardness 2 use connected springs. Due to the composite, these lose point elasticity. Furthermore, the number of springs used affects the feeling of lying. However, “more” does not always mean “better” here. Pocket spring and pocket spring mattresses allow a point-elastic, back-friendly lying with ergonomic function.

Hardness 2 for natural latex and latex mattresses

For mattresses made of synthetic latex or natural latex, the strength cannot be influenced by the compressive strength but by the combination of materials. Latex mattresses sometimes only have a degree of hardness. At least the degree of latex hardness is often selectable. Here, the focus is on the combination of materials, for example, the use of more natural latex. Due to the volumetric weight thus obtained, the degree of hardness together with the feeling of lying can at least be adjusted.

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